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Everything we do we believe in healthy, safe environments.
We believe in leading the next generation of safety.
The way we lead is by providing online safety training courses.
We provide businesses and individuals with the correct tools, resources, and education.

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Diverse Safety Education

Providing a diverse array of easy to use, online safety training courses in English, French, and Spanish. We offer filter options for American, Canadian, and Mexican courses.

Easy to Use Profile

Create your own profile, take online safety training courses at your own pace, align with your workplace and home educational needs.

Take your required safety tickets, search our most popular online safety training courses and read our safety blog for more safety information.

***Astraea Energy Inc. does not own any of the safety courses, the required safety courses are respectively owned and managed by course owners. Astraea Energy Inc. was created to point you in the correct direction to the correct information. The course financials are managed by the course content owners not by Astraea Energy Inc.***

Redefining Safety

Safety is defined by the actions we take each and every day. Without education, we lack the tools to be safe.

Online Safety Training Courses are the future of our world, ensuring you get the education you need.

Whether it be home or work, each action counts.

Online Safety Training Courses - Astraea Energy Inc

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Let us help you redefine safety with the education you need for you and your family to be safe.

Competitive Pricing

We cant put a price on safety.

However, during this time every cost counts.

We offer discounts

on bulk buying of our Safety Courses

Let us help you keep your costs down while keeping safety your priority.

What are my Health and Safety Laws?

Common Safety Training Questions

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When we create an atmosphere of growth we cultivate change

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